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General Dentistry

dental checkup - Markham dentists by 7 Days Dental

Dental Costs Ontario: Must-Read Guide For Dental Care

It’s time to get your teeth checked, and you have no idea how much it will cost. The truth is that dental costs in Ontario vary from patient to patient. There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of dental care. The more extensive and complex your

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cosmetic dentistry - Markham dentists by 7 Days Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry In Ontario: What You Should Know

Most people don’t realize how essential your oral health is in being overall healthy. Yes, brushing your teeth daily helps in keeping you in tip-top shape! Somehow, practicing poor oral hygiene leads to anxiety as the teeth begin to look unappealing. You will need cosmetic dentistry in Ontario to bring

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toothbrushing before dental cleaning - Markham dentists by 7 Days Dental

Before Dental Cleaning: Is Brushing Your Teeth Okay?

Not everyone gets used to having strange dental tools inside their mouth. The prodding, pricking and scraping noises during a dental cleaning can be uncomfortable indeed. Although this might be the case, dentists assure you that this process is painless and straightforward.  There are plenty of techniques you can follow

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avoid root canal procedure - Markham dentists by 7 Days Dental

10 Easy Tips To Avoid Having Root Canal Procedure

Your teeth are very precious. Without it, your health might deteriorate, and you will gradually lose your interest in life. That is why it is advised that you always practice good oral hygiene or end up getting a root canal procedure. Most often than not, this treatment brings anxiety to

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