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Caps in Markham, ON

Caps, otherwise known as crowns, are efficient and durable covers for a lost or damaged tooth. This dental restoration effectively matches your natural tooth colour and shape, covering your natural tooth if it is broken, fractured, discoloured, misshapen, or has old fillings. At 7 Days Dental, we may also recommend a crown after conducting root canal therapy.

Caps have many different uses and are arguably as popular among patients as they are with dentists. They help to reinforce your natural tooth and protect it from incurring more damage. Although usually made of resin today, our Markham dentist can also manufacture caps out of ceramic, stainless steel, gold, or porcelain fused to metal.


A tooth in need of repair should not be left untreated. But a cap is a simple and effective solution to repair the damage. Consult with your dentist to determine what the most suitable dental restoration is for you. Our team, located in the heart of Unionville, can suggest a custom treatment plan to help restore your smile.

Ultimately, caps help to:
  • Strengthen and support
  • Cover up imperfections
  • Support dental bridges
  • Complete a dental implant   
  • Enhance your smile

Are you looking to achieve more beautiful teeth? Schedule an appointment to visit us and discuss how we can work together towards the quality results you are looking for. We will ensure the bone in your mouth can support an implant before securing it in place and adding the restoration on top. If you think a cap could benefit you to ultimately improve the look and function of your tooth, call or email us today!


We use iTero digital imaging to construct your caps by capturing your entire tooth and the surrounding gums. This advanced process has certainly become preferable among patients and dentists compared to traditional putty impressions. Not only are they more accessible and cleaner, but also more comfortable to obtain and more precise.

Digital imaging has the additional benefit of projecting the scans of your mouth right onto a screen so you can see them in our office instantaneously. After a dental lab creates your custom caps, we will replace your temporary cap with the permanent version. We then fit it on you and ensure a precise fit before cementing it in place.


We understand that you may not look fondly upon visiting the dentist. But leaving a dental problem alone can make it worse and more expensive over time. If you need an effective dental restoration to cover your damaged tooth, you may want to consider a cap. At 7 Days Dental, we will help determine the best course of action to effectively treat you.

Our Markham dental office is pleased to offer quality oral care so you can rest assured about receiving treatment. Contact us today to meet with our experienced dentist and team and learn more about what we can offer. To book a consultation, simply call or email as soon as possible. We are happy to welcome you and even give you a tour of our facility!

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