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Halitosis Treatment in Markham, ON

More than just focusing on your teeth and gums’ appearance and function, we understand patients’ concerns who may suffer from bad breath. What is clinically referred to as halitosis affects approximately 25 percent of people.

Not only does it often ignite insecurities, but this condition can possibly signal more severe health problems. Our dentist at 7 Days Dental regularly works with patients to find an effective treatment for halitosis in Markham, ON.

Common and uncommon causes

Most often, simply improving your oral care can improve your breath. It is usual for foods such as onions and garlic to leave an aftertaste. Spicy and sugary foods can also contribute to halitosis in Markham, ON. Any food leftover in your mouth can cause bacteria that produce sulphur compounds when it breaks down.

There may be some other, less common causes of your bad breath:

  • Fasting or low-carb diets
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Medical conditions involving your nasal cavities
  • Some diseases, such as cancers, liver failure, and other metabolic diseases
  • Medications like nitrates, chemotherapy drugs, tranquillizers, and vitamin supplements

Treatment options

Brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash after eating are typically our most recommended halitosis treatments. Since food particles can linger in your mouth, they can quite easily create a bad taste and smell. This includes brushing your tongue to help remove bacteria and changing your toothbrush approximately every three months.

Good oral hygiene will simultaneously help you prevent the development of various dental issues, such as gum disease. An essential part of dental care is also scheduling regular dental appointments for checkups and cleanings. We may recommend an antibacterial toothpaste or mouthwash to tackle bacteria leading to bad breath for specific treatment of halitosis in Markham, ON.

Some additional methods that can help include:

  • Cleaning dental appliances: Whether you have dentures, a mouth guard, bridge, or removable orthodontics, be sure to clean them regularly and thoroughly
  • Staying hydrated: In addition to drinking water, chewing gum can help stimulate saliva
  • Avoiding alcohol, coffee, and tobacco: These habits can cause various dental issues but also leave a bad aftertaste and dehydrate your mouth (which can cause bad breath)
  • Avoiding certain foods: Onions, garlic, spicy and sugary foods will negatively impact breath and leave a bad taste and smell

Once you have embraced these changes, if you continue to experience bad breath, be sure to book a visit to our Markham dental clinic. We will examine your mouth and possibly recommend consulting with a general practitioner or a specialist.

Speak to a dentist

Not everyone who suffers from bad breath has a specific condition that is causing it. In many cases, it could simply stem from the foods you are eating without washing them away thoroughly afterwards. In other cases, there may be an underlying condition.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with our team. We can discuss the matter further, examine your teeth and gums, and help you develop an effective treatment plan for halitosis near you. Call or email us today to visit 7 Days Dental.

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