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DentalVibe in Markham, ON

Some dental issues are more severe than others. And when needles or injections are required, you are none too thrilled to seek emergency dental care near you. However, leaving problems without treatment can worsen, so modern dentistry innovations are even more critical.

Fortunately, a new injection system helps drastically reduce pain and change the reality of treatment in many cases. This dental breakthrough is especially significant if you are fearful of needles. While resembling a regular electric toothbrush, the DentalVibe in Unionville, ON, has begun replacing traditional injections where local anesthesia is needed to numb the area.

How it works

Our Markham dental team focuses on combining quality and genuine care for all our patients. That includes ensuring the health of your teeth and gums, of course, but also striving to ensure your comfort and satisfaction when you see us. We want patients of all ages to feel at ease when they receive treatment at 7 Days Dental.

With DentalVibe in Unionville, ON, we can reduce the pain you may feel with an injection of anesthesia to your gums and the surrounding tissues of the area where you will receive treatment. The vibration of this small tool works by blocking signals that travel from your brain. As the solid vibrating sensation distracts you, you will typically not even feel the injection.

The various benefits

We know many patients will postpone or delay visits to the dentist out of fear. Ironically, you may be worried that the solution to help relieve the pain you are currently feeling will be painful in and of itself. DentalVibe is a ground-breaking device to help us help our patients feel more reassured when they require treatment.

The system works to help:
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Minimize pain
  • Disperse anesthetic faster
  • Improve efficiency in treatment
  • Improve the perception of dental visits

Since DentalVibe in Unionville, ON, is proven to be safe and effective, our team at 7 Days Dental may also use the device for children who fear the dentist or dental treatments. Patients of any age should feel sufficient numbing in their mouths rather quickly with this small but powerful tool. Call or email our office to learn more about this treatment option.

Painless and effective treatment

We are pleased to offer this technology at 7 Days Dental and help patients feel much less anxious about visiting the dentist. Whether you or a family member needs cavity fillings, root canal therapy, or a complete restoration, DentalVibe can substitute traditional injections. 

You might say this method replaces pain with progress. As technology has evolved within the dental industry, our Markham dental office offers as many solutions as we can that are virtually painless. We diligently strive to reduce and minimize any discomfort you may feel during treatment.

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