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Digital X-Rays in Markham, ON

Getting traditional X-rays taken at the dentist has not always been a pleasant experience. That’s because many people could do without the awkward biting into an obstructive piece of film, as well as potentially worrying about radiation exposure.

Fortunately, now that digital X-rays in Unionville, ON, are slowly becoming the norm, patients have one more reason to continue booking regular dental appointments to maintain good oral health. To experience them for yourself, contact us today and schedule your next checkup.

The process and typical frequency

Digital X-rays work by replacing the strange paper tabs we used to position in your mouth with a small sensor that connects to our computer. Not only is this preferable for most patients, but it captures clearer and more sophisticated images of your teeth and gums. We can also view them instantly on our screens once they are taken and review the results with you faster.

We typically include X-rays as part of your routine checkup or possibly every second visit in our Unionville, ON, facility. However, our dentist may want to monitor children more frequently as their teeth and gums develop and change. Patients who already have tooth decay, gum disease, or potentially another ongoing condition should also have X-rays taken approximately once every six months.


At 7 Days Dental, we are pleased to offer modern technology systems like digital X-rays in Unionville, ON. We believe these advanced dental treatments are often superior in efficiency and quality to dentistry methods of the past. Digital X-rays, for example, have several benefits over traditional X-rays.

  • Improved process: They are faster from start to finish, and capture the area more effectively since the sensor is more sensitive
  • Better results: We can view the images in colour instantly on our screen—and they will more accurately detect any issues
  • Enhanced images: In addition to taking superior images in the first place, we can also sharpen, enlarge, and optimize them as needed
  • Significantly less radiation: Digital X-rays expose patients to at least 80 percent lower radiation than traditional X-rays
  • Less environmental impact: Since they do not use any physical or chemical materials, they do not produce any waste
  • More technological: They are easy to store and save in our computer system to reference easily in the future, if necessary

Part of your checkup

Despite the protections we have always provided to patients when taking traditional X-rays in Unionville ON, our Markham dental team appreciates the superior safety and quality of digital X-rays. They are easier to place, more precise, clearer, and completed faster than ever. We can then review the results with you on our screen, detect any potential problems, and offer dental treatment options based on the outcome.

Digital X-rays are another effective aid in our practice at 7 Days Dental and what we can offer you. Our team continuously focuses on delivering quality care to patients like you and your family members. To schedule an appointment or complimentary tour of our facility, please call or email us. We will be pleased to welcome you to the clinic!

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