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Air Abrasion Technology in Markham, ON

Once some tooth decay begins to form in your mouth, you will need slightly more advanced technology than simple cleaning. Scaling helps to remove hardened plaque from your teeth and gum line, while air abrasion technology in Unionville, ON, is used for small amounts or areas of tooth decay.

This system involves essentially spraying silica (sand), aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture at the area with decay or staining, using compressed air or gas. Since there is no drill, it causes minimal pain. The accompanying suction tool then clears away the particles that are blasted off of teeth.

Uses and process

At 7 Days Dental we care about our patients, and we always strive to ensure your satisfaction and comfort. Air abrasion technology is safe for use on children and adults alike. First, the dentist in Peterborough, Ontario will examine you or your family member to determine the best treatment option for your unique dental concern.

Air abrasion works well to:
  • Ease fear of other decay removal techniques
  • Remove old restorations made of composite resin (no metals)
  • Prepare your tooth surface for dental bonding or sealants
  • Remove superficial stains or discolouration from teeth

If we agree on air abrasion technology, we will provide you with unique eyewear and a rubber mouth guard or apply the resin to your untreated teeth and gums. These are meant to protect your eyes and mouth from any particles that get removed during the process.

Pros and cons

Many patients fear the dentist due to stereotypical perceptions of needles and drills. Air abrasion technology in Unionville, ON, substitutes the need for drilling with a spray technique instead. Like most dental treatments, however, we may consider some benefits and drawbacks when deciding whether this option will be effective in your case.


  • It does not generate heat, pressure, or vibration
  • May reduce the need for anesthesia, particularly in a shallow cavity
  • Limits how much healthy tooth tissue is removed
  • Reduces the risk of tooth fracture or chipping to help affect the lifespan of the filling
  • The procedure is relatively simple, although it may take longer than traditional drilling


  • May cause minimal pain and some sensitivity
  • Not recommended for cavities located close to the pulp of your tooth or between teeth
  • Cannot remove hard enamel, if this is needed to access the decay
  • It does not work for crowns, inlays or onlays

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Modern dentistry has allowed for many remarkable advancements in the field, so our patients do not need to worry about treatment options. If you have an oral health issue or simply due for a checkup and cleaning, please call or email our dental clinic in the heart of Unionville. We can schedule a consultation to discuss more about air abrasion technology in Unionville, ON, at your earliest convenience.

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