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X-Rays in Markham, ON

Dental X-rays in Unionville, ON, help our dentists capture images of your mouth to further assess the state of your teeth and gums. If needed, we can then diagnose any conditions you may have developed and recommend the appropriate treatment required. We typically incorporate X-rays in our Unionville, ON, dental office as part of your routine checkup (approximately once per year or every other year).

At 7 Days Dental, we are committed to providing comprehensive oral care to our patients, but our dental tools and the naked eye can only do so much. Dental X-rays can delve deeper, thereby heightening our ability to notice potential problems arising in our teeth or gums. If you see any changes or discomfort on your own, we may use X-rays at our Unionville, ON, office to get a better view.

The process, safety, and risks

Dental X-rays involve low levels of radiation that are deemed safe for patients of all ages, except pregnant women (as they can impact fetal development). Depending on your oral health, possible symptoms, or family history, we may recommend X-rays more frequently.

The process is considerably simple:
  • We place a lead vest over your body, which prevents radiation exposure to your pelvis, chest, and abdomen where your vital organs are located
  • We may also place a thyroid collar around your neck to protect this area
  • We move the X-ray machine into the correct position to effectively record the images
  • We look over the results and review any potential issues with you

Children are also prone to changes in their teeth and gums, particularly as they lose teeth, so it helps take more X-rays at this stage. Our dentist will also prefer to take X-rays at our Unionville, ON, dental office if you are new.

Different types

There are different types of intraoral dental X-rays in Unionville, ON, that capture different views. Most often, bitewing X-rays check between teeth for cavities, while occlusal X-rays check your alignment and possible abnormalities. Panoramic X-rays rotate around your head to check wisdom teeth, jaw problems or prepare for orthodontics, while periapical X-rays capture all of your teeth in one image.

Digital X-rays expose patients to less radiation. Although less common, we may use extraoral X-rays that record images on the outside of your teeth. These include panoramic (that display all of your teeth and can help spot impacted teeth and diagnose tumours), tomograms (that focus on a specific part of your mouth and blur the other layers), cephalometric projections (that examine teeth in relation to your jaw), sialography (which shows salivary glands), and CT scans (which are taken at a hospital and help spot possible tumours or fractures).

Making routine checkups

It may have been a while since you visited the dentist for a checkup. Even though brushing and flossing are important methods to maintain good oral health between appointments, neglecting dental visits altogether can lead to problems. When you come to 7 Days Dental, we may request X-rays to better assess your teeth and gums and ensure they are in tip-top shape! Contact us today to book a consultation.

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