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Dental Lasers in Markham, ON

We have seen drastic growth in the use of dental lasers in Unionville, ON, for three decades. They can cut through teeth and tissue, remove tooth decay and gum inflammation, reshape your gums, prepare enamel for a filling, help whiten teeth, and even zap a benign oral tumour. Furthermore, they treat root canal infections and gum disease, offer pain relief for canker sores and cold sores, take a biopsy, and regenerate damaged nerves.

There are two different types of lasers that we use for dental treatments. Hard tissue lasers help detect cavities, shape teeth, prepare them for cavity fillings and other dental treatments, manage tooth sensitivity, and more. Soft tissue lasers can cut into tissue and seal blood vessels simultaneously, which helps reduce bleeding, accelerate recovery, reshape gums, lengthen crowns, and more.

Pros and cons of dental lasers

Dental lasers in Unionville, ON, offer many benefits, including more comfort and less anxiety for our patients. They are also minimally invasive, with less need for anesthesia or sutures. You will also experience less bleeding during procedures and, therefore, less swelling and risk of infection, as well as a shorter recovery time. 

On the downside, dental lasers in Unionville, ON, are typically more expensive and cannot be used if you have fillings in your teeth already or if your cavities are located between teeth. They cannot remove crowns or silver fillings and cannot prepare your teeth for a bridge. Also, we may still need to administer anesthesia and use a traditional drill to shape teeth, polish a filling, or adjust your bite.

Periowave cold laser

Periowave is another laser option we offer at 7 Days Dental, which uses a cold laser rather than heat. Using a process called photo-disinfection does not disrupt your tooth-root surfaces and their surrounding tissues. Instead, we apply a solution to your gums to attract harmful bacteria and toxins, then place the painless light-diffusing tip made of thin plastic to the treated area.

This ultimately destroys the harmful bacteria and toxins with the laser by activating the applied solution in one-minute intervals. In many ways, it is preferable to antibiotic treatments because it works faster and without causing allergic reactions or skin sensitivities, not to mention infections or bacterial resistance.

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