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Periowave in Markham, ON

As an addition to scaling and root planing, Periowave can significantly improve treatment outcomes. This system is not invasive and does not cause pain for patients. Instead, it uses a delicate process called “photo-disinfection” that removes many harmful bacteria and toxins that may occur from periodontal disease.

Our team uses Periowave in Unionville, ON, to help treat various dental issues, such as gingivitis, endodontics, chronic periodontitis, and peri-implantitis. The therapy option is an effective alternative to antibiotics, heat therapy, or surgery but quickly removes oral pathogens that are gram-negative.

The step-by-step process

Contrary to some beliefs, not all laser therapy in dentistry is necessarily painless. Rather than physically cut tissues in your mouth with heat, Periowave uses a cold laser—which leaves your tooth-root surfaces and their surrounding tissues alone.

The photo-disinfection steps include:

  1. Applying the solution to the area of your gums to be treated
  2. Attaching to the harmful bacteria and toxins caused by periodontal disease
  3. Placing the painless light-diffusing tip made of thin plastic to the treated area
  4. Destroying the harmful bacteria and toxins with the laser by activating the applied solution in one-minute         intervals

Periowave in Unionville, ON, is preferable to antibiotic treatments in many ways because it does not cause allergic reactions, skin sensitivities, infections, or bacterial resistance. You may also need to take antibiotics for a while for them to work.

The benefits of Periowave

Since this effective treatment optionworks fast and painlessly, without cutting or burning any tissue, it has become a preferable option in dental therapy. It is also popular due to its short treatment time and subsequently lowered anxiety from our patients Even individuals with chronic gum disease can benefit from Periowave at our Unionville, ON, dental office.

This advanced system can typically reduce the depth of your gum pockets, as well as bleeding that may be triggered by probing the area. By selectively illuminating the affected areas of your mouth, the photosensitizing process used with Periowave in Unionville, ON, also helps our Markham dentist avoid damaging your healthy tissues. Although you may need two or three treatments in some cases, it is virtually painless.

An effective additional treatment

Patients who have had scaling and root planing may choose to follow up with Periowave to remove the leftover toxins, inflammation, and pathogenic bacteria. Although purely optional, this treatment can help heal your mouth faster and avoid possible tissue damage or negative impact on the bone. We may recommend it, as a result, for the same day or up to a few days later.

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