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Dental Emergency in Markham, ON

A dental emergency may be worrisome, especially if it occurs after hours when your dentist is not usually open. If you sustained any physical impact to your mouth or you suddenly start experiencing pain in your teeth, gums or jaw, it may be necessary to contact an emergency dentist near you.

At 7 Days Dental, we highly recommend looking after the matter as soon as possible. You can contact our Unionville office even beyond the typical daytime and weekday hours for support and care. In some cases, you may wait until the morning to seek dental emergency treatment in Markham, ON but other times, it is vital to look after the issue right away.

Some signs of dental emergencies

Since urgent oral care is not always evident, it is essential to pay attention to any telltale signs you may be prone to ignore. The following are examples of dental emergencies that might require immediate assistance:

  • Severe toothache
  • Broken orthodontics or restoration
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Fallen or knocked out tooth
  • Tooth abscess
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Swollen jaw
  • Bleeding or sore gums
  • Infected or lingering canker sore
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Sustained trauma or injury

Contact our emergency dentist in Markham if you have experienced any of the above in your teeth or mouth. Ignoring dental matters out of fear or to save money can backfire and cost you more down the road.

Preventing possible emergencies

Not all urgent dental care needs come out of nowhere but rather linger and slowly develop over time. It is essential to regularly practice good oral hygiene, such as regular brushing and flossing, to avoid severe future problems. You should also choose healthy foods and beverages and protect your teeth with a mouth guard as needed. 

We also strongly discourage cigarettes and other unhealthy habits that also negatively affect your teeth. However, in the event of a dental emergency, try to stay calm. You can take some helpful steps before panicking and potentially making matters worse due to unnecessary stress.

  1. Call or visit your dentist immediately, or visit a hospital as needed
  2. Use a cold compress on the outside of your mouth
  3. Place a warm compress if your pain is located at your jaw
  4. Take over-the-counter painkillers according to their directions

You can always reach out to us at 7 Days Dental if you are experiencing a dental emergency in Markham, ON. Although it may be scary, our team is experienced and trained to treat urgent matters.

Contacting an emergency dentist

A dental emergency may also be present if you are having trouble eating, sleeping, or breathing, or even if you are simply feeling anxious. In this event, call our dental office for advice and to determine if the matter requires immediate attention.

Our team can help you deal with various potential dental emergencies in Markham, ON, and simultaneously help you feel less anxious. Contact us today to learn more about our urgent dental care or if you need any emergency assistance.

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