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Crowns in Markham, ON

You only get one set of natural teeth—that is, after your primary (baby) teeth fall out and the adult set grows in. However, thanks to modern dentistry, there is a lot we can do to repair or restore them even if they become damaged or lost. Dental implants were an exciting revolution because they emulate the root of your tooth. That means they can hold various restoration options on top to mimic a natural tooth and improve your smile.

A dental crown is essentially a covering to go over your real tooth. This is helpful if your natural tooth is broken, fractured, discoloured, misshapen, or has old fillings. We may also recommend a crown after conducting root canal therapy. It is artificial and hollow yet works effectively to help us “makeover” a bad tooth. Dental Crowns in Unionville, ON, have many different uses and are popular among both patients and dentists as a result.


To blend in with your other teeth, a crown works best if it matches colour and texture. There are different materials available, and some do not follow this thought method, but we are happy to discuss each option’s pros and cons. Overall, the point of a dental crown in Unionville, ON, is to help reinforce your natural tooth and act as a barrier so it does not endure any more damage.

The materials we can use for your dental crown in Unionville, ON, are:
  •  Resin
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Porcelain fused to metal

If you think you may need a crown in Unionville, ON, to help restore your tooth, please feel free to book an appointment at our Markham dental office in the heart of Unionville. We can examine your mouth to determine if this is the case and, if so, suggest the most suitable material. Our dentist may otherwise recommend an alternative treatment to help restore your smile.

Creating and applying a crown

With our iTero digital scanner, our dentist uses optical imaging to quickly capture all of the tooth’s surfaces and contours and your surrounding gums to help create your crown. We prefer this option, significantly overtaking traditional putty impressions, which are messier and often cause patients to gag. You can also view the images we take of your mouth in real-time on our screen and get a sense of the restoration process.

Beyond your initial consultation to determine if crowns are suitable for you, we will test out your custom crown to better guarantee your satisfaction and comfort, then place a temporary crown. At the same time, the permanent one is created in a lab. Our dentist will ensure the crown fits as perfectly as possible on your tooth and ultimately cement it in place on your final visit at our cosmetic dentistry, Ontario office.

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Dental issues can be worrisome and overwhelming if you do not know who can help and what they can do to repair or restore your teeth and gums. We are pleased to offer dental crowns near you so you can rest easier. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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