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Gum Reduction in Markham, ON

Over the years, we have heard many complaints and received various patient questions regarding their gums’ size. Although larger gums are not usually a serious issue, a “gummy” smile can be caused by receding gums or another medical condition. From an aesthetics standpoint, they also make teeth look smaller.

Gum reduction surgery in Markham, ON, is a treatment option at 7 Days Dental that you may want to consider if you are unhappy with your smile’s appearance. In some cases where you are experiencing dental issues related to your gums, our Markham cosmetic dentist may recommend it.

Causes of large gums

If your gums are more noticeable than other people’s when you smile, this is not an automatic cause for concern. Many individuals have a “gummy” smile passed down to them from their parents or grandparents. In short, they are often merely hereditary and not necessarily a problem that needs fixing.

Sometimes, certain medications or health conditions can cause your gums to recede and appear larger. Periodontal disease occurs when your teeth are not supported by your gums and the bones surrounding them, leading to tooth loss or decay. You may also be brushing your teeth and gums too hard with your toothbrush.

Surgery options

Gum reduction surgery in Markham, ON, medically known as gingivoplasty, involves reshaping your gums by naturally trimming the gum line. This ultimately exposes your teeth more prominently. If needed, our Markham dentists may also recommend and can perform a gum graft to repair receded areas and cover any exposure of your roots.

For individuals who have gum pockets where food can get trapped, we will strongly encourage surgery. That is because any holes in your mouth can lead to particles entering and forming bacteria, which is risky. This makes gum reduction surgery in Markham, ON, necessary in these cases to avoid tooth and bone loss.

The gum reduction process

Gum reduction surgery may seem daunting, but we take many steps to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

  • We begin with a local anesthetic to help freeze your gums so you feel minimal discomfort or pain while undergoing surgery. 
  • Next, our team takes away any damaged tissue while leaving or adding enough to protect the roots of your teeth.

You may feel some irritation or soreness in your gums afterwards, but this is usually mitigated with painkillers. If over-the-counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen is not enough, we can write you a prescription.

 Gum reduction surgery patients may find themselves needing only a few days, or possibly a few weeks, to get completely back to normal. We recommend getting plenty of rest and eating only soft, plain, seedless foods until you are healed.

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Receding gums may not seem important but can worsen over time and lead to more severe problems. If you have noticed your gums becoming larger or have always had larger gums that you dislike, we may perform gum reduction surgery. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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