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Intraoral Cameras in Markham, ON

Intraoral cameras are another innovation in dentistry that has allowed us to offer excellent oral care to our patients. Ultimately, they help us take advanced digital images of your teeth and gums from the inside of your mouth so we can better detect, diagnose, and treat any potential issues you have developed. They have made a particularly significant difference over the past decade when it comes to dental health.

At 7 Days Dental, we use this advanced technology in our patient care consistently. Intraoral cameras in Unionville, ON, have many different functions and produce high-quality images that accompany how we treat your teeth and gums, as well as maintain your dental records. We can also easily share information with a lab when they need to custom create appliances or materials for you.

Why we use them

Intraoral cameras help us by producing clear, high-quality images of the inside of your mouth. Another benefit is that we can customize how and what they capture—whether we want to view one of your teeth independently or get various angles of the exact location. Beyond that, these cameras can take video images.

They also take X-rays and digital imaging faster and smoother overall to help ensure greater efficiency. This means you can complete your visit to our dental clinic in a shorter timeframe and, if we determine there is a problem, begin one of the possible dental treatments sooner, so you get the improved smile you are looking for. At 7 Days Dental, we can help you achieve amazing results.

How they work

This system involves using a sensor in your mouth, coupled with light technology that creates a detailed, accurate image and sends it to our computer. We can see the results quickly, easily, enhance and sharpen the pictures, and share them at the end of your appointment. If our dental team in Unionville, ON, notices any issues, we can discuss them in greater depth together and review treatment options to repair or restore your teeth and gums.

Intraoral cameras use an aspherical lens and LED bulbs to ensure the proper focus and colour contrast. This combination produces high-quality images that provide a more comprehensive view of your entire mouth. After this is completed, they are easily uploaded to our computer. Our dentist and patients will then review the information and incorporate your results into your file. Between patients and long before the COVID-19 outbreak, we disinfect the camera thoroughly.

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Our dentist and dental team in Markham strive to provide quality treatment to all of our patients. Whether you are due for a routine checkup and cleaning or require a specific dental treatment or surgery, contact us today. We can use intraoral cameras in Unionville, ON, that detect various potential issues and discuss how we can help you or your family members. Call or email to ask questions, get a complimentary tour of our facility, or schedule an appointment.

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