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We are pleased to welcome patients of all ages to our dental office at Markham, Ontario. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality care and helpful dental treatments for a range of oral health issues. Our goal is to make you satisfied as you leave our dental office. We are constantly driven to help our patients, and this is why we take a careful approach to the dental plans and treatments that we provide.


Experience a comfortable visit at our dental office with our safe procedures and modern technology. Our team makes your safety and comfort a priority, and we can also speak other languages!


7 Days Dental at Markham, ON is open 7 days a week to ensure that we can accommodate your family’s dental needs at any day that you may need it. 

Why choose 7 Days Dental AT MARKHAM, ON

Why choose
7 Days Dental

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Experienced dental team

We are always devoted to our patient’s care and treatment, regardless of whether you have come for a routine checkup or dental emergency. Experience the unparalleled care that our dental team provide.

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Personalized treatment plans

At 7 Days Dental, our Markham dentists customize your treatment with an exam and consultation. You undergo the necessary screenings prior to your treatment so you get the appropriate care you need.

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Comprehensive dental services

Whether your family members are 0 or 100 years old or somewhere in between, we offer various dental treatment options under one roof so you no longer have to worry about your family's oral health.

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Affordable fees

We are pleased to help patients afford their visits to their Markham dentist with helpful payment plans, zero interest rates, and assistance submitting claims to your insurance if you have coverage.

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Convenient location

Visit us at our warm and welcoming Markham dental office at Highway 7. We ensure that you can easily reach us for your dental emergency needs, even when taking public transportation.


For any dental concerns, you may schedule a free consultation with our Markham dentists!

Our team at 7 Days Dental will be happy to meet with you to discuss further and make recommendations. 

Whether you are interested in a cosmetic procedure, checkup or any other dental procedure, our team at 7 Days Dental will be happy to meet with you to discuss further and make recommendations.


Our facility at our Markham dental office is well-equipped to make your visit convenient, safe, and relaxing.

Unique offerings



Dr. Inkesh Bajaj is a full-time practicing dentist in Ontario. He is an NDEB certified dentist and has a special interest in root canal treatments and restorative dentistry. Dr. Bajaj is a Certified Invisalign Provider, and a key focus of his practice is smile designing and smile makeovers. He has been practicing dentistry since 2009, and over the years, Dr. Bajaj has been able to deliver numerous happy smiles. 


Dr. Bajaj is a clinical instructor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Toronto and stays up to date with the newest developments in the field of dentistry. 

He also dedicates a great time in updating himself by means of continuing education programs.


Known as Dr. B to his patients and to the 7 Days dental team, Dr. Bajaj makes his patients enjoy their dental visits by providing them details about their treatment in a gentle and caring manner. Outside the dental office, Dr. Bajaj is an adventure-seeker who spends time with his family. He loves cycling, kayaking and spending time with his daughter and his wife, Dr. Shelly Bajaj.


Dr. Shelly Bajaj is a full-time dentist who graduated with Doctor of Dental Surgery Honors from the University of Toronto and received a prosthodontic award for her outstanding achievement in clinical prosthodontics. Prior to pursuing her DDS degree, she completed her degrees in Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2007 and Masters of Dental Surgery in Prosthodontics in 2011 in India.


On top of having 10 years of clinical dental experience in a wide range of dental procedures, Dr. Shelly is a clinical instructor at the Department of Prosthodontics at the University of Toronto and enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with dental students.


General well-being starts with a healthy mouth. Dr. Shelly believes that good dental habits go a long way, and this is why she focuses on preventive dentistry. She takes pride in her work and is passionate about delivering high-quality dental care while being thorough and gentle with her patients. 


During her spare time, Dr. Shelly loves to spend time with her daughter and her husband, Dr. Inkesh Bajaj. Dr. Shelly is fond of cooking and she loves the outdoors, so she travels to new places and explores nature with her family.

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Dr. Beshay completed her degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery in the University of Toronto in 2021. She studied in Alexandria University in Egypt to finish her Master’s degree in Oral Pathology in 2012 and Bachelor’s degree in 2007. 


Offering a professional, comprehensive and highly ethical patient-centred care where patient’s interest comes always before anything else is a mission for Dr. Beshay. Her passion is to continually invest her time equipping herself with the most up-to-date evidence-based continuing education which benefits her patient’s specific needs.


Dr. Beshay seeks to develop her skills to allow herself to remain aware and knowledgeable of the newest dental practices and the latest technology being considered or used. Furthermore, she is keen on tailoring her self promotion tailored to the patient population she serves


As a loving mother and a nature lover, she loves to spend time with her family and visit new places with her two daughters. She also enjoys swimming and spending her leisure time on the beach, reading or enjoying the warm sunny days.


Dr. Mubashir is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry 2022. She won multiple awards and scholarships during her studies including the prestigious Kenneth F. Pownall award in her final year for her excellent academic achievements. Her main interests are restorative dentistry, crowns, bridges, and endodontics. 
Dr. Mubashir brings her compassion, professionalism and knowledge to 7Days Dental. She gets incredible personal satisfaction in helping patients become more comfortable in her dental chair by paying attention to their concerns and by always prioritizing patient centered care. She focuses on providing optimal dental care to her patients and ensures that she leaves no stone unturned in providing the best possible treatment.
When she is not at the office, Dr. Mubashir likes to spend time with her husband and son. She enjoys listening to music, trying out new restaurants, cooking, and socializing with friends and family. She likes to stay active by exercising and cycling in her free time. 


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Dr. Inkesh Bajaj


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Dr. Shelly Bajaj


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