At 7 Days Dental, we do not believe in a blanket approach for every patient. That is why we will customize your treatment with an exam and consultation so you get the appropriate care you need and deserve. Whether your family members are 0 or 100 years old or somewhere in between, our office offers various treatment options under one roof.

general dentistry - 7 days dental

General Dentistry

Our team thoroughly examines and assesses your unique dental needs and provides our recommendations.

cosmetic dentistry - 7 days dental

Cosmetic Dentistry

We are passionate about working with you to maintain good oral health and achieve a beautiful smile.


We are pleased to customize our recommended treatments to help you maintain or achieve healthy teeth and gums.

Preventive care

We encourage patients to practise excellent oral hygiene, such as brushing teeth and flossing at least twice per day.

pediatric dentistry - 7 days dental

Pediatric Dentistry

We recommend scheduling your children for a dental visit as soon as their first baby tooth erupts.

restorative dentistry - 7 days dental

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry includes various treatment options that can help fill in missing teeth or repair broken ones.

dental emergency - 7 days dental

Emergency Dentistry

If you experience pain or sustain physical impact to your mouth, it may be vital to contact a dentist.

Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment is an effective dental procedure for eliminating tooth infection or inflammation.

Dental Technology

As a commitment to excellent patient care, we improve our facility with modern dental technology to offer quality treatments.

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