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Purpose And Advantages Of Dental Lasers: Markham Dentists

Laser dentistry is a revolutionary technology that harnesses the power of laser technology to be used for various purposes. One of the most significant advantages of this technology is that it can prevent and treat multiple dental problems.


Dental lasers are a relatively young technology that has only become available recently. Despite this, it has been widely accepted and found to be effective, especially by the Markham dentists.


Advantages of dental lasers

There are several benefits of laser dentistry that you might not have realized yet. 


Faster treatment times

One of the most significant advantages of dental lasers is that treatment times are significantly faster than they would be with traditional techniques. Traditionally at Markham dental clinics, dental fillings can take a long time. The dentist has to wait for the filling to set before removing it.


On average, traditional fillings take 30-40 minutes to complete. If you have several fillings that need completing, it can be a long and tiring procedure.


Laser dentistry allows for faster treatment times. Now, fillings can be completed in 15 minutes. Dentists that use laser dentistry can treat cavities quicker and with minor discomfort. This is because dental lasers allow for less invasive treatment methods. At Markham, almost every practice now utilize laser technology.


More comfort

Traditional dental fillings involve the injection of a liquid into the tooth. This liquid hardens over time and creates a filling that can be removed later. This causes a lot of discomfort as the needle used to inject the liquid is large. 


Laser dentistry allows for a much more precise filling to be made. The filling is made in the tooth’s exact shape and is very low on pain or discomfort.


Less bleeding

Traditional dental fillings can cause a lot of bleeding. This is because the needle used to inject the liquid is large and can easily puncture the blood vessels of your gums. Dental lasers allow for a much more precise injection. The Markham dentist can determine the location and quality of the blood vessels in your mouth, which means any bleeding is significantly reduced.


Less inflammation

Laser dentistry is also better for preventing and treating inflammation. Traditional dental procedures involve the cutting and scraping of teeth, causing inflammation. Laser dentistry is less aggressive than conventional dentistry; therefore, causes less inflammation.


Better healing

Traditional dental fillings require at least two weeks of recovery time. This is because your gum must heal around the filling. It is also necessary that your stomach can digest the artificial fillings.


Dental lasers cause less bleeding, which means that gums recuperate much faster than they would be with the traditional fillings they use in Markham.


Less post-procedure sensitivity

Understand that after the procedure, it is normal to experience some sensitivity. You may feel cold or hot more easily than before the surgery. There’s also a chance for occurring pain on pressure points. These symptoms will lessen within a few days up until weeks when they go completely away from your body again.


With dental lasers, you easily avoid this uncomfortable aftermath. 



It is important to note that laser dentistry may not always be an option due to the complexity of some patients’ issues.


Can’t treat teeth with filling 

Dental lasers cannot treat teeth that already have a filling. Lasers can be a great way to fill teeth that need work, but they might not always be the best choice. 


For example, if you have a metal amalgam filling already in your mouth or hard laser procedures, which could cause tooth pulp injury and even require anesthesia! Drills still come into play for some types of finishes like shaping adjustments etc.,


So, it’s essential to know what kind would be done before committing yourself to any procedure type too far down this rabbit hole.


Can’t fill the cavity between teeth

When a cavity is located between two teeth, it cannot be filled by dental lasers. Laser dentistry can be a fantastic treatment option for many people. However, it isn’t always the best choice, and in these cases, traditional tools are needed to fix problems with your smile.


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