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Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal in Markham, ON

We do our very best to encourage good habits and deliver quality oral care to our patients. Whenever our team can recommend a dental treatment that will repair and restore teeth, we do it. However, in some cases, teeth cannot be saved or need to be removed to make more space in your mouth.

Decayed or damaged teeth and severe chips or breaks may sadly require us to extract a tooth altogether. Orthodontics or merely having a smaller mouth that cannot fit all your teeth are two additional reasons for this last resort dental treatment. In most of these situations, we can use a local anesthetic for extractions and wisdom teeth removal in Markham, ON.

Impacted teeth and surgery steps

When teeth have not broken through your gum line, it will be more complicated to perform an extraction. This will require surgery because we need to cut into your gums. But you can rest assured that our team at 7 Days Dental is experienced and skilled to perform a wide range of procedures and will work to minimize pain or discomfort.

  1. We expose the tooth by cutting into your gum tissue.
  2. We either remove your tooth as one piece or cut it and extract it in fragments, for example, if there is a             significant amount of your jaw bone-anchoring it down.
  3. We sew up the extraction site with stitches that dissolve over time, so there is no need for removal, and           use any necessary gauze to help absorb the bleeding.
  4. We book your next appointment for the following week to check that you are healing well and with no               infection.

Wisdom teeth

Most young adults have third molars, otherwise known as their wisdom teeth, which grow in by the time they are in their late teenage years or early 20s. While a smaller percentage of people have enough space for these molars and grow straight and aligned correctly, you will likely need to have yours extracted.

It is helpful not to prolong this surgery, even though it may be worrisome. Wisdom teeth can often cause headaches, jaw pain, and other serious issues affecting your bite or the teeth surrounding them. Our Markham dental general and cosmetic dentistry team will monitor their development and advise you if they should be removed before they can lead to unnecessary issues.

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If you or your child have wisdom teeth growing in or other teeth that may be causing problems, do not linger. Overcrowding can lead to problems with your teeth and gums that will ultimately require further dental treatments, including emergency dental care. You may also be experiencing side effects, such as headaches or jaw pain, caused by impacted teeth.

Although extractions and wisdom teeth removal surgery in Markham, ON, may be daunting, it is preferable to schedule sooner than later and avoid other oral problems. Contact us at 7 Days Dental, for advice or book a consultation or removal at our dental office. Our emergency dentist in Ontario will be happy to meet with you.

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