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Dental Implants in Markham, ON

Dental implants in Markham, ON, are made of titanium screws designed to act as the new roots for your new teeth. Once we insert them into the bone, we recommend giving them substantial time to heal and integrate with the surrounding bone in your mouth. The next step is to choose the most appropriate restoration for you to accompany the implant and repair your teeth and smile.

We start by using digital imaging to determine if you have sufficient bone to allow for this dental treatment. Next, we will draw from the surgical guides to determine the most ideal, precise, and comfortable placement. This process has become ground-breaking as we can significantly reduce invasive methods to explore your teeth and gums for implants and restorations.

The best candidates

Most patients who are missing one or more teeth may want to consider dental implants in Markham, ON. Again, our dentist can utilize digital imaging to determine if you have sufficient bone to support the implant and restoration. This means no surgery is involved in exploring the area to potentially require more surgery later on.

If you do not have sufficient bone, we can discuss the possibility of other procedures called bone grafting or augmentation. At 7 Days Dental, we strive to work together and help you build back the beautiful teeth you were born with. Whether that means dental implants or another avenue, our dental clinic in Ontario team is committed to ensuring you understand all your options.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are unique because they are necessary as the first step before a few other dental treatments you might choose. They will need to accompany a crown, bridge, denture, or full-arch restoration. Without causing any pressure to your gums, we insert implants directly into the bone and place your new teeth on top. Gums are sensitive and can resorb with complete dentures, so we try to discourage that.

Dental implants are an essential aid in our dentistry work when you have had teeth removed. Although most people can agree that missing teeth are unattractive, they may not realize the likely drawbacks that can result. We can help you avoid gum disease, bone loss, TMJ disorders, facial misalignment, and even severe chewing and digestion problems with an implant and restoration.

Restoring your teeth

You do not have to live with damaged teeth or spaces in your mouth where teeth are missing. Fortunately, our Markham dental office has many solutions to help you repair and restore your smile as painlessly and precisely as possible. Contact us today to learn more over the phone or schedule an appointment to meet with us in person.

Our experienced Markham dentists at 7 Days Dental will be happy to answer your questions about other treatment options and dental implants near you. For a free consultation and tour of our facilities, call or email today. There is no need to wait to get back your beautiful teeth and gums.

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