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markham dentist showing patient dental X-ray result - Markham dentists by 7 Days Dental

Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Markham Dentist

Are you feeling anxious about your next dental appointment? Or have you been putting it off because you have too many questions to ask your Markham dentist. Do not worry. The following are a few of the most frequently asked dental questions.  1. If I need a dental checkup, how

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toothbrushing before dental cleaning - Markham dentists by 7 Days Dental

Before Dental Cleaning: Is Brushing Your Teeth Okay?

Not everyone gets used to having strange dental tools inside their mouth. The prodding, pricking and scraping noises during a dental cleaning can be uncomfortable indeed. Although this might be the case, dentists assure you that this process is painless and straightforward.  There are plenty of techniques you can follow

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