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Before Dental Cleaning: Is Brushing Your Teeth Okay?

Not everyone gets used to having strange dental tools inside their mouth. The prodding, pricking and scraping noises during a dental cleaning can be uncomfortable indeed. Although this might be the case, dentists assure you that this process is painless and straightforward. 

There are plenty of techniques you can follow so you can relax on your dentist’s chair. You should also consider how to prepare yourself before your routine dental checkup and cleaning.

Things to do before a dental cleaning

Observe proper oral care

You might be wondering if it is alright to brush and floss your teeth before your dental appointment; you absolutely can. You should always practice oral hygiene at all times, even if you are heading to your dentist’s. Nevertheless, whether you clean your teeth or not, plaque on teeth and tartar will be gone after your session.


An empty stomach helps

Do consider not eating anything a few hours before your dental visit. Since being full can trigger nausea, it is better that you fast and even take just a little bit of fluid until your treatment is done. 


Ditch the smoke

Smoking may help you loosen up, but it will be harmful to your general and oral health.


Watch professional teeth cleaning videos

One of the best prep you can do is inform and educate yourself about the dental cleaning process. Being aware will lessen your anxiety about what will happen.


Listen to soothing music

Anyone can calm down to soft, melodic music. Listening to classical or instrumental music before your dental appointment will relax you. 

Things to do after

Resume oral hygiene routine

Professional dental cleaning is a simple process, and there is no reason to change the way of brushing teeth. You should even be more attentive with your oral hygiene this time to keep bright and healthy teeth following your routine cleaning and dental checkup.

Avoid staining foods

Your Markham dentist may include teeth polishing, as a stain remover, during your regular dental visit if they see fit. So, after your session, make sure you avoid eating food that will tarnish your teeth again.

Consider eating soft foods first

Although there is no complicated procedure involved, be watchful of your diet. Hard and crunchy foods will easily break or fracture your teeth.

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