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Five Important Things To Do After Your Fluoride Treatment

Studies have shown that fluoride prevents cavities. Fluoride is a mineral found in many foods, plants, and even water. Because fluoride has fluorine, it can also promote bones development. Further, teeth treated with fluoride become resistant to acid and bacteria in the mouth. 


Most of the toothpaste we use contains fluoride. However, fluoride treatment at the dentist can increase the chance of teeth protection. The amount of fluoride in fluoride treatment is much higher. Due to this, fluoride treatment is popular among patients who seek to improve their dental health


Does fluoride treatment work?

Fluoride treatment can benefit adults, so you will be surprised if you think it is only for kids. As we age, our teeth become weak, which makes them vulnerable to decay. Thus, dentists recommend this treatment for additional protection to your teeth and to prevent serious dental problems in the future. There are types of fluoride treatment which you can choose : 


  • Topical Fluoride Treatment

Topical fluoride treatment can be in toothpaste and gels, which you can apply on your own. It is best to have your dentist apply fluoride if you wish to gain the maximum benefit. During the procedure, your dentist places the foam or gel over a while in a disposable tray. There are times when patients receive varnish directly on their teeth rather than using gel or foam. 


  • Systemic Fluoride Treatment

Systemic Fluoride treatment is another option you may choose if you do not want the topical process. With systemic treatment, fluoride flows in your body through ingestion. Your dentist will ask you to consume fluoride together with water and even food. After the treatment, you will have stronger enamel. 


Tips on fluoride treatment aftercare

Once you have decided to get fluoride treatment, you need to follow your dentist’s recommendations in taking care of your newly treated teeth. Here are tips that you can consider to make your treatment lasts :

Tip 1: Eat soft foods during the first six hours.

Maybe you are asking if you can eat food after your treatment. The answer is yes, but you need to eat soft foods such as mashed potatoes, minced meat, yogurt, cheese, bread or oats. The fluoride treatment will not be less effective if you consume soft foods. Unlike crunchy foods, soft foods are easier to chew, while hard foods can break teeth. 


Tip 2: Brush your teeth.

Immediately brushing your teeth after treatment can help remove the applied fluoride. You need to wait for six hours for the fluoride to settle in your teeth and provide maximum protection. If you can postpone your oral hygiene routine until the next day, much better.


Tip 3: Avoid hot beverages as well as sugary drinks. 

You do not want your fluoride treatment to vanish quickly. Drinking hot drinks and sugary drinks can stain your teeth. As a result of a fluoride treatment, your teeth become porous, allowing them to absorb colours more easily.

Tip 4: Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Smoking and drinking alcohol can stain your teeth. As much as possible, avoid them after your treatment. Instead of drinking alcohol, drink water instead. Water will not only make your teeth stain-free but will make you stay hydrated. 

Tip 5: Visit your dentist every three months.

How long does fluoride treatment last? In general, fluoride treatments are recommended every three to six months to maximize the benefits. When you tend to develop tooth cavities, fluoride treatment is particularly beneficial. 


Need help with fluoride treatment?

Protecting your teeth from cavities should be one of your top priorities. Fluoride treatment can be your answer to your problem. Using fluoride treatment will protect your teeth without causing harm to them. If you are still unsure of what fluoride treatment you will consider, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Markham to help you with your best possible options. 

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