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Is Getting Dental Sealants Beneficial For Your Kids?

Most parents would want their kids’ teeth to be healthy and strong at all costs. However, children are more susceptible to tooth decay because of diet and lack of hygiene. Fortunately, dental sealants protect children’s teeth. 

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are a protective coating placed on the molars of the teeth. Sealants protect your child’s teeth from decay and reduce the risk of acquiring cavities. The dentist applies a white liquid resin to the teeth using a small brush, then dried under an LED light. Dental sealants form a barrier to prevent food debris from becoming stuck between the teeth in the molars. 


Benefits of dental sealants

Dentists recommend dental sealants for children and teenagers who are prone to tooth decay. According to research, children without dental sealants are more likely to develop cavities than those with sealants. In case you are still not convinced about dental sealants’ benefits, here are the other benefits:


  • It protects against plaque and food. 

Dental sealants offer added protection to the teeth from tartar build-up and protect the enamel. Sealants prevent your child from developing severe oral health problems such as root canals and cavities. 


  • It adds support to your child’s oral care routine. 

Even if you teach your child how to brush their teeth correctly, they may still be unable to reach certain areas of their teeth. Due to their ability to form barriers, dental sealants can prevent food debris from collecting on your teeth, forming bacteria that lead to plaque. 


  • They are long-lasting and cost-efficient. 

Do dental sealants last? The answer is yes. Dental sealants can offer protection from cavities for 5 to years. Although dental sealants last a long time and are worth the investment, you still need to see your dentist regularly to ensure they’re in good condition.  

Steps your dentist takes when applying dental sealants

There is no pain involved in the dental sealants procedure. Moreover, children may not feel anxious as they sit on the dental chair. Dentists can seal your teeth with a sealant in only a few minutes. Here are the steps you need to take note of:


  1. During the cleaning process, the dentist removes any particles or food debris trapped in the teeth.
  2. Once done, the dentist dries each tooth with cotton or any absorbent material.  
  3. When applied to the chewing surfaces, the acid solution aids in the sealant’s bonding. 
  4. After the application of the sealant, the dentist rinses and dries the teeth once again. 
  5. The last step is to apply the sealant to the tooth enamel and harden it with light. 


If you are considering getting dental sealants for your kids, here are some frequently asked questions that can help you decide:

Are dental sealants for sensitive teeth?

Certain dental sealants can reduce tooth sensitivity. You may consult your dentist in Markham to know more about your options. 

When I have dental sealants, do I still need to use fluoride?

The answer is yes. Sealants are only effective in protecting the surface area. Adding fluoride will help prevent cavities and decay on your tooth surfaces.


What do after the dental sealants procedure?

It takes at least a day for sealants to bond thoroughly to your teeth. After your dental sealants procedure, your kids can resume their routine. Nevertheless, for the sealants to last, the following foods need to be avoided after getting them:


  • Crunchy foods
  • Hard foods like candies
  • Chewy and sticky foods like gummies and caramel
  • Sugary foods 

Is dental sealant expensive?

The dental sealants procedure is one of the inexpensive procedures. Some insurance providers include them in their health coverage. If you are interested in learning more about your financing options, consult your dentist in Markham.


Dental sealants are one of the best ways to keep children’s teeth healthy and prevent dental decay. Knowledge about dental sealants for children is essential to parents. Contact your dentist in Markham if you want more information about how the process works and if your child might be a candidate for the treatment.

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