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Cosmetic Dentistry In Ontario: What You Should Know

Most people don’t realize how essential your oral health is in being overall healthy. Yes, brushing your teeth daily helps in keeping you in tip-top shape! Somehow, practicing poor oral hygiene leads to anxiety as the teeth begin to look unappealing. You will need cosmetic dentistry in Ontario to bring back your happy smile!


Cosmetic dentistry in Ontario

In dentistry, this is the option that will help you restore the looks of your teeth and even improve them. The goal is to help you regain self-esteem by restoring or reconstructing your bites. 


What exactly are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry benefits

  • Generally, it enhances your looks. Most people find a person with beautiful teeth attractive and charismatic.
  • It optimizes your oral and overall health. The treatments will eliminate visible issues on the teeth, preventing diseases like gingivitis and cavities.
  • Beautiful teeth boost your self-confidence. No one can resist smiling when they have a bright and complete set of teeth.
  • The benefits last long. Most of these procedures provide a permanent solution to your teeth imperfections, including yellow teeth, chipped teeth, and cracked ones.
  • It will make you youthful again. Missing teeth results in premature ageing; that’s why cosmetic dentistry is here to reverse your looks. 


What treatments are under cosmetic dentistry?

By this time, you’re more convinced that this solution is for you. Sure enough, cosmetic dentistry answers many teeth imperfections. Yes, there are multiple treatments to suit your unique dental needs. 

Here is a list of the most popular dental procedures patients take advantage of:


1. Veneers 

When it comes to effortless, perfect teeth, veneers are the star. This is the dental treatment celebrities go for when they want to achieve spotless, bright, and perfectly-shaped teeth. The results are indeed quite impressive, so it’s understandably worth more than the other procedures. 


Dental veneers are made of tooth shells that dentists individually bond on top of the natural teeth. The goal is to conceal the original ones with discolouration, gaps, cracks, and chips. It can also cover minor misalignment issues.


2. Teeth whitening

You can’t go wrong with teeth whitening. Patients with brighter teeth are satisfied with their smiles, immediately boosting confidence and attracting attention. It brings attraction and sparks up pleasant conversations. 


 Your dentist does In-office teeth whitening. They will use unique tools and solutions to make your teeth up to ten times brighter than when you walked into the office. It will only take a couple of minutes to an hour session, and after that, you leave with your new, unblemished smile.


3. Dental bonding

Patients looking for a more affordable and effective option go for tooth bonding. It restores damages on a broken or cracked tooth, teeth that appear small, and even tiny teeth gaps. If you have discolouration on your teeth, bonding is also a solution. You can hardly tell if someone had tooth bonding because the material’s colour blends well with the natural teeth. 


The dentist will use a composite resin material, applies it to the tooth and shape it until they are pleased. Using UV light speeds up hardening the material to cover the issue permanently. It is a quick and painless treatment, and many patients approve of this!


4. Braces 

Teeth misalignment can develop from childhood, a common dental issue. When you don’t give attention to crooked teeth, it worsens and creates more problems than you know. It can cause lisping, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. That’s why patients who undergo orthodontic treatment are delighted with the results. 


Dentists recommend traditional braces for mild to severe misaligned teeth. They will bond brackets on each tooth and connect them using a wire. Every month, the dentist adjusts the braces to cause the teeth to move to their proper placement. This treatment lasts for a year.


5. Gum reshaping

Some patients with gummy smiles feel insecure. This is a condition where excessive gums show when someone opens their mouth, especially when they smile. Similarly, patients with “big teeth” also find their smile an issue. Gum reshaping is an effective treatment to reduce prominent gums or big teeth. 


To improve a gummy smile, the dentist cuts the excess gum tissues by creating incisions. On the other hand, your dentist restores receding gums by filling them with gum tissues. Both procedures intend to provide the patient with a more appealing and natural-looking smile. 


6. Tooth bridges and crowns

If you have missing teeth or severely damaged ones, bridges and crowns can save your smile. Sometimes, bonding broken teeth are no longer feasible because the damage is significant. 


If you need crowns, your dentist will take an impression of your affected tooth. He sends that information to a dental lab where your new tooth replacement is fabricated. After a few weeks, it comes back, and you will finally have your new strong and beautiful smile.  


The takeaway

There are various ways to regain your smile and confidence. With cosmetic dentistry, you have plenty of options that suit your needs. Aside from these treatments, your Markham dentist has a lot more to offer. If you have cavity issues, a filling is your solution. If all your teeth are missing, implanted dentures are perfect for you!


Head on now to 7 Days Dental for a thorough and fun consultation. We will see that your dental experience with us satisfies your ideal smile goal. 


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