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10 Easy Tips To Avoid Having Root Canal Procedure

Your teeth are very precious. Without it, your health might deteriorate, and you will gradually lose your interest in life. That is why it is advised that you always practice good oral hygiene or end up getting a root canal procedure. Most often than not, this treatment brings anxiety to patients. 

Root canal therapy is a necessary treatment for patients who have an infected tooth deep in the roots. This causes serious dental pain, so your dentist or endodontist must access the tooth and disinfect inside the chamber before having it filled and sealed.

There is no need to worry; there are plenty of ways on how you can avoid ending up on your dentist’s chair with a dental excavator in your mouth.

Ten tips to avoid root canal procedure


1. Brush your teeth after eating your meals.

Not brushing your teeth after meals can let food debris get stuck, leaving behind tartar. If this is not treated, the bacteria will make its way under the gum pockets and to your tooth root.

2. Don’t forget to floss!

Every day, find time to floss in between your teeth spaces to keep them clean and free from plaque buildup. Forgetting to floss usually leads the patient to have a root canal procedure.

3. Always use a mouthguard during sports.

Protect your teeth, especially during contact sports. Using custom sports mouth guards can effectively shield your bites from possible injuries.

4. Be aware of bruxism.

You might not know it if you grind your teeth at night when you sleep. But, you’ll notice your jaw feeling painful when you wake up. Let your dentist know about this.

5. Drink fruit juices in moderation.

Fruit juices are very acidic, which can be harmful to your teeth. Acid can easily break your teeth and lead to infection. 

6. No to ice!

If you have a habit of chewing ice, then you need to stop it. Consistently biting down on hard food will fracture or break your teeth, making them more susceptible to bacteria.

7. Cross sweet and crunchy food from your diet.

Sweets are a harbinger of tooth decay and so do crunchy, hard foods. Make sure you eat the right meals to keep optimal overall and oral health.

8. Don’t ignore sensitive teeth!

When you feel a sting in your teeth every time you eat, it’s time to see the dentist. Teeth sensitivity can easily become worse if untreated. 

9. Avoid DIY smile makeover.

Do-it-yourself or home smile improvement tools, like whitening kits, can be cheaper and more accessible, but they don’t guarantee safety for your teeth. Always consult your Markham dentist before using one.

10. Regularly see your dentist. 

Nothing beats being preventive. It is the most practical way to avoid yourself getting complicated procedures like a root canal procedure. So, always attend your regular dental appointment to maintain a healthy smile. 

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