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Wand in Markham, ON

At 7 Days Dental, we offer significant benefits to our patients regarding quality care and comfort. While our team achieves greater efficiency, our patients typically experience less pain from dental treatments and surgeries. 

The Wand is an exciting addition to our Unionville, ON, facility that we can offer you and your family members. As some procedures require an injection, it was previously challenging to limit the area to freeze or eliminate the anesthesia sting. This single tooth anesthesia system now helps us do both. To learn more, contact our Markham dental clinic today!

How it works

Using a computer chip to sense the tissue in your mouth, the Wand technology in our Unionville, ON, office lets us precisely and consistently administer one drop of anesthesia at a time. It travels through the long, narrow tubing and out of the needle tip on the lightweight hand-piece, which is easier to grasp physically. 

As a result of both of these factors, our Markham dentist can better control and predict where the anesthesia goes and how quickly you receive it. Each of the three speeds is also designed for a different injection technique. For example, the slowest pace is only recommended for the palate and soft connective tissues between the gum sockets and tooth roots.

These varying speeds are:
  • Control Flow, which comes out as a drip
  • Rapid Flow, which is faster
  • Turbo Flow, which is very fast

Regardless of speed, the Wand in our Unionville, ON, facility slowly numbs your specific tooth, teeth, or surrounding gums that require dental treatment before we even insert the needle. Patients typically feel little to no sensation from it. Further, we avoid freezing your entire mouth or jaw as we did in the past—so you will be more comfortable both during and after your procedure.

The benefits of the Wand in Unionville, ON, for patients, include

Whether our patients is an adult who fears needles, or a child undergoing his or her first dental treatment, we believe this technique helps us all breathe easier:

Some of its proven benefits include:
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased precision 
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced area of numbing
  • Speedier recovery
  • Improved outcome
  • Improved satisfaction

The Wand is a remarkably sophisticated dental device that continually guides us through the procedure to ensure accuracy throughout. It will indicate a blockage, error, or too much pressure, and even abort the injection if needed.

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Our team at 7 Days Dental is proud to embrace and utilize new and improved techniques to improve the patient experience. No matter your needs, when you sit down in our dentist chair, we strive to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the modern technology we offer at our Markham dental clinic.

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