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Thumb Sucking/Snoring Appliances in Markham, ON

Although thumb sucking and snoring may seem like very different problems, they are often lumped together from a dental standpoint. That is because each behaviour can either indicate (snoring) or lead to (thumb sucking) serious oral issues.

Fortunately, there are appliances available for both afflictions to help combat these habits and help avoid bigger problems from developing. Thumb sucking can impede the way a child’s teeth grow, while snoring can significantly impact the quality of a person’s sleep and health overall.

Thumb Sucking

Many children begin sucking their thumbs at a very young age as a source of comfort and self-soothing. On the bright side, most of them will outgrow it by the time they are four or five years old. Thumb-sucking appliances in Unionville, ON, are created for kids who continue past this critical time in their development. Without intervention, it can negatively disrupt the jaw.

They work by constricting their upper arch and causing the teeth on their upper jaw to flare outwards while the teeth on their lower jaw tip backwards. Since thumb sucking is partially a habit that requires breaking and somewhat a psychological issue, the appliance is typically effective within eight months. It may also prevent the need for braces or other orthodontics.

  • Removable appliances: On the pro side, this option is more comfortable and makes it easier to clean teeth and the appliance itself. On the con side, your child can simply take it out to continue sucking their thumb.
  • Fixed appliances: On the pro side, your child cannot remove the appliance, which will undoubtedly help them deter thumb sucking. On the con side, they will have a more challenging time speaking, eating, and brushing and flossing their teeth.

To learn more about thumb-sucking appliances in Unionville, ON, please feel free to contact our dental office in Markham. Our children’s dentist near you  will be happy to discuss your kid’s needs in greater detail.


Mainly snoring in Unionville, ON, affects adults, who experience a constriction at the back of their throats while sleeping. When you are relaxed at night, these muscles relax and often cause the soft tissues to vibrate and create noise. Some people have a more concerning disorder called sleep apnea that disrupts their sleep quality because they actually stop breathing in brief moments throughout the night and may even wake up gasping for air.

Snoring appliances in Unionville, ON, work by moving your jaw forward and widening the airway present at the back of your throat. This helps minimize the vibration that causes the act of snoring. However, if you think you may have sleep apnea, you may want to explore getting a CPAP machine or visiting our office to learn more.

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Our dental team at 7 Days Dental cares about your teeth and gums and also your overall well-being. Thumb sucking and snoring in Unionville, ON, are both potentially severe matters related to dental care. We recommend pursuing ways to deter these behaviours to prevent jaw development issues (thumb sucking) or continued disrupted sleep (snoring).

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