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Sedation Dentistry in Markham, ON

From routine checkups to major dental surgeries, we know many people (at any age) feel anxiety about visiting the dentist. That is why we often recommend incorporating safe and effective sedation to ease your concerns and increase your comfort level.

Different levels of sedation

  • Low sedation / minimal sedation: We administer laughing gas through an oxygen mask to help you relax without putting you to sleep
  • Moderate sedation / oral sedation: You ingest a pill that potentially affects your speech and helps you forget most of the procedure (you may fall asleep after, but not during)
  • IV sedation: We administer this heavier form of sedation intravenously, which has an immediate effect on patients and you are monitored closely throughout the procedure
  • Deep sedation / general anesthesia: This heavy sedation makes you unresponsive to commands and will cause you to forget the procedure altogether while falling asleep entirely or drifting in and out of consciousness

The benefits of sedation

At 7 Days Dental, we use sedation dentistry in Markham, ON, to safely perform dental treatments on patients who feel nervous or uneasy. Some people are anxious about visits to the dentist even when they simply have a tooth cleaning. We get it—which is why we strive to make everyone feel as relaxed as possible.

With different types of sedation in Markham, we can customize and monitor the amount we give you. Our team will simply ask you to provide all of your medical history and body weight to determine the safest and most effective approach. In most cases, patients are still conscious and can respond to us as needed, but they are simultaneously comfortable.

The effects of sedation

Individuals have different reactions to sedation in Markham, ON, depending on a variety of factors. These include their unique tolerance level, their body weight, and the type of sedation we administer to them. In general, some side effects that you may experience are drowsiness, a minor delay in your reflexes, and slower reaction time. You will likely forget all or parts of the dental treatment.

Our team may recommend sedation for your dental treatment and will discuss the options with you in advance of the procedure. At our Markham dental office, we consider this a beneficial additional dental treatment to complement almost any procedure you are scheduled to receive.

Contact us to learn more.

If you or your family members have concerns about visiting the dentist, please feel free to inquire about sedation dentistry at our Markham dental office. Our goal is to ensure patients receive the dental treatments they need without unnecessary stress.

Do not let your anxiety interfere with your ability to look after your teeth and gums. Contact us at 7 Days Dental today and learn more about the options we provide. In addition to oral care and customer service, we strive to help you feel comfortable throughout your time with us in the office. Our team strives to create a sense of ease during both routine and surgical procedures. 

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