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Mouth Guards in Markham, ON

At 7 Days Dental, our team is focused on delivering quality care. We can usually determine from the wear and tear on your teeth if you are prone to problematic dental habits after you doze off at night. Fortunately, our Markham dental office offers advice and treatment options to manage clenching or grinding.

Types of mouth guards

Mouth guards are typically worn to help protect your teeth throughout the day. You can find some options in stores, but the more comfortable and recommended route is to have a custom-made mouth guard in Unionville, ON, by our dentist at 7 Days Dental. These are the main differences between them:

  • Stock mouth guards: This is an inexpensive option available for purchase at most sporting goods stores, but they are bulky and not adjustable.
  • Boil and bite mouth guards: These can also be purchased in stores but are preferable from a dental standpoint because they are made from a thermoplastic material that softens after being placed in hot water so it can mould better to your teeth.
  • Custom-fit mouth guards: Since these are created based on your unique dental impressions, they are superior in terms of fit and comfort. They are more expensive but specially moulded to your teeth and, therefore, protect and feel better.

The fitting process

At our Markham dental office, located in the heart of Unionville,we believe in comfort and care. We take pride in effectively treating patients for a variety of dental issues. If our dentist determines you could benefit from a mouth guard, you may wish to consider this option. Here is how it works:

  • First, we take your dental impressions with an iTeroTM­ scanner and can show you an interesting digital view of your mouth
  • Next, we email the impressions off to a dental lab, where your mouth guard is manufactured and returned to our office
  • Finally, we have you try on the mouth guard in Unionville, ON, at our office to test out the fit and comfort, thus better ensuring you will wear it to protect your teeth and gums

It has never been easier to help prevent dental injuries or minimize controllable dental pain. To explore the idea of getting a mouth guard in Unionville, ON, and to learn more about them, contact us at 7 Days Dental.

Proper care for your mouth guard

Whether you have dental insurance or need to pay out of pocket (for which we offer helpful payment plans to cater for dental costs in Ontario), caring for your mouth guard is essential. Follow these steps to better ensure its longevity:

  • Use cold water or mouthwash to rinse it before and after each use, or clean it with a toothbrush and mild soap
  • Store and transport it in a hard but perforated container to protect it from damage and allow air circulation  
  • Avoid hot temperatures, which can distort the shape
  • Check it for holes or tears, and let us know if it becomes uncomfortable or too loose  
  • Bring it along with you every time you have a dental appointment  

Are you a candidate?

If you have issues with teeth grinding, clenching, bite alignment, or your jaw joints, you may want to consider getting a mouth guard in Unionville, ON. Our dentist will likely recommend this appliance if you play sports, skateboard, mountain bike, do gymnastics, etc. Mouth guards are an effective and straightforward way to protect your teeth and gums—talk to us today about getting fitted today!

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