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Mini Implants in Markham, ON

At 7 Days Dental, we may recommend a restoration to manage various oral health issues. These will often begin with dental implants, i.e. titanium screws that fill in as the root for your new tooth or teeth. Our Markham dentist will insert them into the bone and complete the restoration with a crown, bridge, or partial denture to repair the look and function of your smile.

Benefits over traditional implants

Dental implants in Unionville, ON, have become a popular dental treatment because they aid in the restoration process. Although mini implants are not as common in dentistry, they have various benefits over traditional dental implants.

  • Smaller size: Traditional dental implants use two screws that measure 3.25 to 5 mm in diameter, while mini implants involve only one screw under 3 mm.
  • Less invasive: Mini implants are inserted over your gums, as opposed to underneath them in the case of traditional implants, so the procedure is not as intensive and requires no sutures.
  • Shorter placement time: Since there are fewer steps overall in placing mini implants, patients typically only need one appointment (rather than at least two for traditional implants).
  • Less jaw bone needed: With traditional implants, you may need to undergo bone grafting or augmentation if there is not sufficient bone to insert them in your jaw. Mini implants are smaller; thus, they require less bone.
  • More cost-effective: They are considerably more affordable than traditional implants, typically costing approximately the same at the top end as the low end of a single regular implant.

Patient considerations

If you miss one or more teeth and want a more affordable solution than regular dental implants, mini implants in Unionville, ON, are typically a good solution. Our dental team is committed to working with our patients to help you build back your beautiful smile. Without causing pressure to your gums, we insert them into your jaw bone and place new artificial teeth on top.

Dental implants are an essential aid in our dentistry work when you have had teeth removed. Mini implants in Unionville, ON, coupled with a crown or bridge restoration, can help you avoid gum disease, bone loss, TMJ disorders, facial misalignment, and even severe digestion problems.

Learn more about mini implants

Mini implants are an advanced solution for patients and an affordable alternative to traditional dental implants. Rather than delay improving your teeth and gums due to costs, mini implants in Unionville, ON, can effectively help repair your smile at a lower rate. Find out how our experienced dentist and dental team at 7 Days Dental  can help and what we recommend.

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