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Laughing Gas Sedation in Markham, ON

In some dental treatments where you could experience a little pain or discomfort, we may suggest using laughing gas. The low-level sedation inhaled through an oxygen mask is often an oxide of nitrogen. It is a unique option for sedation in that it has calming effects for most patients but does not induce sleepiness. Afterwards, it wears off quickly and has only a minor possible side effect of a headache.

At 7 Days Dental, our dentist and team will recommend laughing gas sedation in Unionville, ON, to specific patients if we feel it can help. This optional addition to dental treatments is also safe for children or adults alike who might feel nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist, even if it is only for a checkup and cleaning. Since it causes patients to laugh, they tend to become more relaxed and restful and feel less fidgety in the dentist’s chair.

Individual effects and benefits

Our Markham dental team is focused on completing treatments to improve the teeth and gums of patients. Sedation like laughing gas in Unionville, ON, helps our team achieve positive results more effectively, without unnecessary stress and discomfort. Laughing gas has the simultaneous benefit of physically relaxing you while minimally affecting your mental capacity. This lets our dentist perform necessary treatments without causing pain or affecting the anxiety levels of patients.

Since every patient is different, our team is careful to administer the correct amount based on your body weight. At 7 Days Dental, we will also review your medical history first to determine the safety and efficacy of sedation therapy in general and laughing gas in particular. Reactions to sedation will vary from person to person, but laughing gas has a minimal impact—which is why we often prefer this option to other alternatives.

A positive addition to treatment

Patients who worry about receiving dental treatments may subsequently postpone a necessary procedure, only to experience their oral health worsen in the long run. Caring for your teeth and gums is vitally important, and that means managing any potential problems that arise without delay. Neglecting to have your cavities filled, or to have your tooth decay removed, or to have artificial teeth restored where your natural teeth are now missing can result in serious repercussions.  

Dental treatments using laughing gas in Unionville, ON, can help you find humour in dentistry. Although you probably won’t find anything amusing, we will know it’s working when you start laughing. Patients may be ideal candidates for mild sedation to help with:

  • Fears
  • Anxiety
  • Discomfort
  • Pain

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Our team relies on various sedation treatments at 7 Days Dental to help put patients’ minds—and bodies—at ease. Laughing gas is a mild option we use that can calm your nerves and make a visit in the dentist chair feel quicker and less worrisome. Contact us to schedule a free consultation at our Unionville office to learn more. With sedation, we can help you improve your teeth and achieve a more beautiful smile.

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