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Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral hygiene and habits start at the beginning of our lives. That is why we highly recommend scheduling your children for a dental visit as early as when their first baby tooth erupts.


At our Markham dental office, we provide pediatric dentistry to infants, preschoolers, elementary schoolers, preteens, and teenagers. After all, instilling regular checkups and cleanings helps set the tone for them to help care for their teeth and gums.


Baby teeth may not seem important because they eventually all fall out, but they start the foundation of your child’s jaw and gum development. Thumb sucking, a traumatic blunt force impact to the mouth and other events can negatively impact their teeth. Teething can be painful as their first teeth come in. As they grow up, they may require orthodontics to improve their alignment or their bite. They may also require the removal of their wisdom teeth.

Ensuring good oral health

7 Days Dental strives to create a relaxed and welcoming environment, so your children feel safe and comfortable. Our team members are friendly, skilled, and experienced in pediatric dentistry. It helps kids get used to regular visits and have positive associations with the dentist from a young age. Imparting a twice daily routine of brushing and flossing can help prevent cavities and gingivitis while empowering them to care for their teeth and gums.


Checkups and cleanings at our Markham dental office twice per year enable us to examine their mouths, take occasional X-rays, and monitor changes and any possible issues. Most commonly, we will recommend sealants to deter cavities from developing or fillings to protect their teeth from existing cavities. We may also find that their teeth are overcrowded or uneven, or they need help correcting their bite or alignment. In this case, we suggest braces.

Our welcoming facility

Whether you or your child is feeling nervous about their dental visits, you can rest easy that we are trained in pediatric dentistry. Our dentists and staff have significant expertise in providing a wide range of dental treatments to patients, young and old. We work hard to assist and maintain a fun atmosphere for kids.


Step into our Markham office, where they can take advantage of our:

  • Games table
  • Video games
  • Interactive toys
  • Netflix subscription


When it comes time for the exam, we have found that young children feel more comfortable and assured with a parent or guardian in the room. We strongly encourage you to join them or even hold them on your lap if they are tiny. In cases where they are anxious and upset, our team may recommend mild sedation, such as laughing gas, to help them relax. We are also pleased to stock our drawers full of fun prizes at the end of their appointment as a reward.

Come in for a tour

When looking to choose a pediatric dentist, it may help you see our office in person. Feel free to bring your children along, receive a free tour of the facility, ask questions, and meet our pediatric dentists. We work to build positive relationships with all our patients—no matter how young or old they are. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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