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Fluoride Treatment in Markham, ON

Keeping teeth and gums healthy is our main concern at our 7 Days Dental office in. That is why our standard checkup and cleaning appointments, particularly in dentistry for children, include fluoride treatment in Unionville, ON. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and deter bacteria, which can cause cavities to develop if it seeps into teeth and creates decay. Using fluoride toothpaste at any age will help your teeth.

Drinking water from the tap or cooking your food with tap water is an effective way to consume more fluoride. Tea for adults and infant formula for your babies are two other proven methods. We offer fluoride treatments in Unionville, ON, at our Markham dental office for patients not getting enough fluoride from these sources. We can also recommend custom trays with a prescription fluoride that fit over your teeth. This solution is best if you have a very high risk of tooth decay.

Your dental health

This natural mineral has long been considered part of your dental needs. Fluoride helps improve the health of your enamel and protect your teeth and gums from bacteria. It also prevents plaque, which can ultimately erode the tissues and nerves, leading to serious dental issues.

Our fluoride treatments in Unionville, ON, include a highly concentrated dose of the product. It is available as a rinse, gel, foam or varnish, with brush, tray, swab or mouthwash applications. At your dental cleaning and checkup we will review or inquire about your medical and dental history to ensure the best choice. It takes only a few minutes or less (depending on the form you receive), but we will simply deter you from eating or drinking for approximately half an hour.

Regular maintenance and checkups

Since children are impressionable and typically creatures of habit, we strive to implement good dental practices while they are young. Consistent and effective oral care will help them prevent bacteria, plaque, tartar, and even possible tooth decay as they age. Although more challenging and not working with a clean slate, it is not too late for adults to improve their oral hygiene.

Therefore, we strongly encourage twice-yearly appointments for all of our patients in our dental office in Ontario. This enables our dentist and team at 7 Days Dental to assess you or your child for cavities, oral cancer, periodontal disease, alignment issues, and more. We may also request digital X-rays to help diagnose any dental problems you already have or develop.

Your next dental cleaning

Many patients can experience plaque and tartar development, as bacteria can build up under your gums and eat away at the structures that support your teeth. Fluoride treatments in Unionville, ON, help strengthen teeth and keep bacteria at bay. Visiting a walk-in dentist near you twice per year is one of the most effective ways to monitor your oral health.

But between appointments, it is crucial to maintain necessary components of good oral care:
  • Twice daily brushing and flossing
  • Limiting sugary, sticky foods
  • Limiting sugary drinks

Schedule your next appointment with 7 Days Dental by contacting our Unionville dental office. We will happily accommodate you and your family members.

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