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We try to emphasize the importance of brushing and flossing because they are great habits—mostly when done together—for your oral health. But sometimes, even people with the best of intentions may develop cavities. Whether you are diligent or a little negligent with your dental hygiene, it can happen to the best of us. In some instances, being prone to cavities may be hereditary. At 7 Days Dental, we want to help you maintain healthy and beautiful teeth, when necessary our dentist might recommend getting fillings in Unionville, ON.

Tooth decay that does not get rinsed, brushed or flossed away can start to eat away at the enamel and cause tiny holes to develop. That is where fillings come in! Our Markham dentist will usually use composite resin to remove the decay, mould the material to your tooth, fill it in, and seal the hole. Leaving cavities untreated can expose the nerve, weaken the tooth, or even an infection caused by bacteria or plaque seeping in.

The different types of fillings

When it comes to the materials available, we are happy that patients have more choices of the types of dental filling in Unionville, ON, they could get. Baby boomers may have mouths full of amalgam fillings made of different metals that may sometimes include zinc. Some high-profile celebrities have shown off gold fillings, which are durable but expensive and stand out.

Our dentist typically recommends composite resin for modern fillings, economical like amalgam fillings in Unionville, ON, but blends much more seamlessly with your natural tooth colour. They may be prone to chipping and staining but can still last up to 10 years. Porcelain also matches enamel and is superior in terms of longevity and stain resistance but is expensive.

Possible challenges

Our team works hard at 7 Days Dental to ensure we can help keep your teeth as strong and healthy as possible—even with fillings. In some cases, the decay that caused your cavity will have damaged your tooth significantly by the time our dentist applies the filling. We may recommend adding a crown or cap over your tooth if that happens to help protect it, or possibly performing root canal therapy.

Over time, we will likely need to repair your fillings in Unionville, ON, because the materials do not last forever. They may simply chip away while you are eating or if you are prone to grinding your teeth. Biting into chewy and hard foods or suffering blunt force trauma can otherwise crack or loosen a filling. Although rare, we may also see a filling detach and give bacteria a chance to grow and create an infection. If you notice any problems, contact our dental clinic in Markham right away to look after them.

Deterring decay

Fillings are not foolproof, but they help extend the life of your teeth. Practicing good oral care and lifestyle habits will significantly reduce the need to get them in the first place. Regular checkups and cleanings at the dentist (ideally, twice per year) will allow us to catch any problems before they start. Ask us more about preventing cavities when you book your next visit with us!

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