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Digital Impression for Crowns in Markham, ON

Impressions used to involve placing a putty-like substance into a metal tray and asking patients to bite down. Not only was the taste unpleasant and potentially nauseating, but the combination of this with a considerably large tray for some mouths could cause gagging. Today, we are pleased to offer a more advanced and progressive alternative of a digital impression for crowns in Unionville, ON.

With an iTero digital scanner, our team at 7 Days Dental can use optical imaging to scan your teeth and gums’ surfaces and contours easily. This is necessary for a wide range of dental treatments where we still need to take impressions to ensure the right fit. But whether you need a restoration, appliance, or orthodontics in Unionville, ON, dental professionals and patients alike highly prefer the new technology.

Other benefits

A digital impression for crowns in Unionville, ON, is much less messy and gag-inducing. However, this is certainly not the only advantage it has over a traditional putty dental impression. Digital technology allows our Markham dentist to translate the images of your mouth on a screen in real-time in our office. No matter your dental needs, you get to see the initial stages of the restoration process projected right before your eyes.

You may feel anxious about the decision to move forward with implant restorations. However, we find that taking a digital impression can help ease your mind by giving you an idea of what we will be doing and why. A crown is often an excellent choice to accompany an implant. If this is the option we choose, we will scan your mouth using the advanced iTero technology to ensure the best possible precision and comfort.

After your visit to the office

Our dental team will determine if a crown is right for you with an initial consult. If this proves to be the best approach and you agree, we will place a temporary crown and send your digital impressions to the lab. Once they design and manufacture your permanent one, we will try out the crown on you to test the fit and cement it in place.

The iTero scanner is considered to be extremely precise in helping us take a digital impression for crowns in Unionville, ON. With any type of dental treatment and restoration, accuracy is paramount to ensure a secure and custom fit. We want you to be delighted and content with the results of your new and improved smile!

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Modern dental technology, such as the digital impression for crowns in Unionville, ON, helps provide quality treatments to our patients. We are pleased to meet with you for a consultation and give you a tour of the facility, including our iTero digital scanner.

To learn more about the restoration options we offer at 7 Days Dental, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are pleased to schedule you an appointment to meet with the dentist and team at our Markham dental office. Call or email today!

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