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Dental Sealants in Markham, ON

We can offer various dental treatments at our Markham dental office to repair or restore teeth and gums. However, we can help stop or minimize issues from developing altogether with preventative options in some cases. Ask us more about this at your next visit to 7 Days Dental and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about sealants in Unionville, ON.

What are sealants, and who should get them?

Quite simply, our team uses dental sealants in Unionville, ON, to help our patients keep bacteria and plaque away. You may have noticed food particles seem to stick more to your molars, making these back teeth harder to clean. That is because they are grooved and have depressions in them compared to your front teeth and incisors. Sealants are beneficial in these tricky spots as they are more challenging to clean with simple brushing.

As an effective barrier against cavities, tooth decay, and other potential problems, our dentist strongly recommends getting sealants near you for your children. Their first set of molars grow when they are approximately six years old, followed by another group at around 12 years old. Therefore, we will suggest applying sealants in Unionville, ON, to kids who are anywhere from age 5 to age 14.

Applying dental sealants

At 7 Days Dental, we work to help you protect your teeth and gums from serious dental issues. It is important to us to instill good habits that make it easier for you and your children to maintain good oral hygiene. In addition to brushing, flossing, regular checkups, limiting sugar, and using toothpaste with fluoride, dental sealants are essential to protect against avoidable dental issues.

The application process dental sealants in Unionville, ON, is simple and straightforward:
  •   A thorough cleaning and drying of the teeth to ensure there is no plaque residue
  •   A painless acidic solution on the surfaces of teeth where we will apply sealants
  •   Slight roughing of the surface areas to ensure they grip well to the sealants
  •   Rinsing off of the acidic solution and painting on the sealants
  •   Drying and hardening of the sealants to ensure they are solid and secure

We understand you may be apprehensive about the dentist and subjecting your children to elective treatment. However, in the long run, sealants are a quick way to offer extra protection when their teeth are most vulnerable.

Learn more from our team members

Sealants in Unionville, ON, make it much easier for your kids to avoid possible plaque and tartar buildup in hard-to-reach and hard-to-brush areas like their molars. Although they may be nervous about getting sealants, this painless treatment is much more preferable than getting cavities—in which case we would need to do fillings.

If you are not sure about sealants, please feel free to ask a pediatric dentist near you. We are happy to clarify any dental treatments with you and explain our recommendations. At 7 Days Dental, our team welcomes you to come for a facility tour and meet with our dentist in person. Schedule a free consultation for yourself or your children and learn more about what we can offer your entire family.

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