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Cleaning and Scaling in Markham, ON

At 7 Days Dental, we strive to help you and your family develop positive dental habits. Our hygienists and dentists examine your teeth and gums at each checkup and monitor them from appointment to appointment.

This is followed by teeth cleaning, which is essential to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria that can lead to a host of dental problems. Scaling is less common among patients because not everyone will require this treatment.

Teeth cleaning

Visiting the dentist is vital for more extensive maintenance than good daily dental habits can provide on their own. Since we have dental tools and the ability to access hard-to-reach places in your mouth, professional teeth cleaning in Unionville, ON, is more effective at removing bacteria and plaque.

Following basic oral hygiene rules between twice-yearly appointments, however, could vastly help improve your teeth and gums:
  • Brush twice per day
  • Floss after every meal
  • Avoid sugary and sticky foods

The ins and outs of scaling

If you have stubborn plaque and tartar build-up above and below your gum line, we recommend scaling, in our Unionville, ON, dental office, to deep clean your teeth down to the gum pocket. Our dentist will physically scrape it away using the necessary dental tools.

Since this may create some discomfort, our Markham dental team may numb the area with a local anesthetic. It will likely depend on the extent of your plaque and tartar buildup. This will also affect whether you need one or two appointments to complete the scaling.

After scaling

Although we always strive to be as gentle as possible with our patients, plaque and tartar are problematic substances to remove from teeth and require persistent scraping. Naturally, this can lead to some short-term side effects that typically only last a week until you are back to normal.

These may include:
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Swollen gums
  • Minor bleeding

If these do not subside after three weeks, please contact us at 7 Days Dental to schedule an appointment to assess what may be wrong.

Chronic gum disease

Scaling in Unionville, ON, is also an essential dental treatment to help chronic gum disease. When plaque-causing bacteria develop on your teeth, it may ultimately result in your gums pulling away. Large pockets will then grow between your teeth and gums, making them vulnerable to more bacteria growth. Neglecting this severe condition can lead to the loss of bone, tissue, or even your teeth.


  • Deep gum pockets
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Inflamed or tender gums
  • Shifting teeth
  • Change in bite
  • Bad breath


  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Poor nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Family history
  • Other medical conditions

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