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CEREC in Markham, ON

Dental restorations are a regular and ongoing part of our dentistry practice at 7 Days Dental. After all, we see many patients need to repair or restore a tooth, or several teeth, due to developing oral health issues or physical injuries to the mouth. While our Markham dentist has established various practical methods for restorations, continually advancing technology offers a more straightforward approach to improving your smile.

An advanced approach

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or may be considered a shortened word for “ceramic reconstruction.” At 7 Days Dental, we use this dental treatment to create inlays, onlays, crowns, dental implants, veneers, fixed bridges, dentures, and orthodontic appliances.

This process uses computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, which improves speed and efficiency. This advancement allows us to deliver quality care to you, our patients. 

Made of ceramic and resistant to plaque, CEREC in Unionville, ON, is very durable and offers a seamless look with real teeth because the colour blends so naturally.

The benefits

With advanced technology, CEREC in Unionville, ON, lets our team create custom restorations for our patients efficiently in one appointment. We start with digital impressions and choose the appropriate colour of a completely ceramic block to match your natural teeth. Next, CEREC creates a 3D model of the restoration, which we will then mould and bond in place. 

Not only is this faster and simpler than traditional methods, but it is superior in terms of capturing precise edges, surfaces, and fissures to emulate your teeth. You also experience a complete restoration in one dentist visit, eliminating the need for a temporary repair, as well as more injections to anesthetize the area. With solid ceramic, as opposed to ceramic and metal mixed, CEREC typically withstands wear and tear better and lasts longer.

The process

Like many other procedures, we will still need to numb your tooth at first by administering anesthesia so we can perform some dental work. This enables us to remove any possible decay or damaged tissue before taking digital impressions of your affected tooth or teeth. We then use computer software to create a restoration model and use the CEREC milling unit to create a 3D model with the precise colour match to your natural teeth. 

This technology can incredibly copy all surfaces, edges, and fissures, then heat and seal to complete it. Then, within the same appointment, our Markham dentist will try out the restoration in your mouth to test the fit, as well as your bite, before polishing and bonding it in the correct place.

Ask us about CEREC

Every oral health problem has a solution. If you require treatment, please contact us at 7 Days Dental to determine what’s wrong. Our dentist in Simcoe, Ontario will examine you, explain your options, and make recommendations for your review. 

Dental restorations are common—and CEREC in our Unionville, ON, facility makes them more straightforward than ever to complete and help restore our patients’ beautiful smile. Book an appointment today. We will be pleased to welcome you to our facility!

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